Tuesday, 2 May 2017

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  1. General Information

    Thank God for Wikipedia. How could one, without this marvel of marvels, discover in seconds the list of Kings of Sweden? From King Eric the Victorious to King Gustav I in the Middle Ages and then to the modern Kings of Sweden (who seem to almost live forever) they are all there, in the Wikipedia Swedish monarchs article, stored and presented in the usual clean and neat Scandinavian way.

    Enter King Billy, the new King of Sweden! Heresy? Vandalism? Coup? Nope, Swedish users needn’t rush to the Palace and bring down the usurper. King Billy is the new King of online casinos in Sweden and you won’t find him in a Wikipedia article although were there a Playerpedia, he would already be having his own article

    Quo vadis King Billy? “To steal the hearts of the players” he answered. Well, this is a tough one in our modern world where players have a long list of online casinos to choose from and a short attention span. But is seems that King Billy and the people behind him (or should we say “at His Majesty’s service”?) have thought it all. Because what makes the story of this casino a truly exceptional one is… its story. Let’s discover it.