Thursday, 23 August 2018

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  1. Agent Spinner – Become a spy, Play Missions and Get Rewards

    Agent Spinner wants to send you on a spying mission – and he promised to give you a signing bonus if you join the team. Complete missions and spin the Win-O-Meter to find out your rewards.

    General Information
    When Agent Spinner was launched in 2017, it presented players with a unique casino playing experience. As you sign up at Agent Spinner you join a team of international spies, who work for the Agency to fight against an evil Syndicate. Agency has set up missions for you, and you get rewarded handsomely for completing them.

    Join the team and verify your phone number to get an immediate sign up bonus of 100 free spins, that is paid in sets of 10 spins over 10 days.

    Your team consists of Agent Spinner, Emma the Intern, David the Banker and The Professor, who is not keen on revealing his real name. Emma takes care of your signing up process and customer service, David helps you with withdrawals and deposits, and The Professor sends you out for dangerous intelligence missions.

    If you want, Agent Spinner also allows you to play normally without taking part in the missions like in any other online casino, but then you’ll miss all the rewards that the missions carry.