Sunday, 25 September 2016

Next generation of Sports App’s...

Next generation of Sports App’s

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  1. United Games- What is it?
    United Games is a mobile app development company bringing an interactive mobile sports app to market in
    the fall of 2016 (release anticipated in October).
    Our focus is to be “the better way to play” by connecting fans alongside live sports that connects the entire
    family in a fun, simple, social, and competitive environment.
    • Download the game for FREE
    • Play for FREE or Play with Tokens
    • Acquire Tokens in two ways:
    o In-app purchases
    o Participation with advertising offers
    • Play tokens to unlock features and additional game play
    • Earn points through interactive predictions
    • Play with your close friends, your local area, fans of the same team, or even play with some of your
    favorite celebrities
    Who can join?
    • Available to non-profit organizations, like schools, sports clubs, booster clubs, alumni groups, sports
    teams, and the like
    • All of these organizations can join for FREE
    Benefits of UG Fundraising
    • No cost to school, group, or student
    • No geographical limitations
    • Potential residual income
    • Standalone product
    • No door-to-door selling
    The Earning Potential
    • Players use Tokens to play
    • Make 10% when Tokens are acquired and 5% when Tokens are played
    • This earning potential happens whether they purchase the Tokens or use Advertising participation
    • Hosting an event: you or your group can set up events inside the app and charge an “entry fee” for participation.
    50% of the immediate proceeds come back to the school, plus the additional 10% and 5% for the Tokens!
    No Selling. No collecting money. Just share a FREE app! That’s it!